Resolve CBD Review

  • ResolveCBD is a reputable Canadian company known for high-quality products
  • The company offers a diverse range of CBD solutions to cater to different needs
  • Competitive cost structure and a focus on quality control contribute to its success

ResolveCBD is a well-regarded company operating in Canada, known for its commitment to producing high-quality CBD products. The company’s history showcases its dedication to providing customers with safe and effective CBD options, which is evident in their carefully curated product offerings.

By adhering to rigorous quality control measures and utilizing third-party testing, ResolveCBD has built a solid reputation in the industry for delivering authentic and reliable CBD solutions.

The company’s product line caters to diverse consumer needs, ranging from CBD oils and capsules to topicals and pet products.

Each product comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, offering consumers an opportunity to select items that best align with their preferences and needs.

ResolveCBD continually strives to enhance their offerings, shortening the gap between expectation and reality.

Cost structure is another area where ResolveCBD demonstrates its commitment to its customers. The company aims to provide a range of pricing options so that consumers from various budget backgrounds can benefit from their high-quality CBD products.

Balancing affordability with excellence, ResolveCBD has successfully carved a niche for itself in an ever-expanding market.


ResolveCBD is a Toronto-based wellness brand that was founded with the goal of providing natural, plant-based relief options to customers. The company sources its hemp from organic, sustainable farms to ensure the highest quality for its products and maintains a strong commitment to trust and customer satisfaction.

As a Canadian company, ResolveCBD takes pride in providing high-quality CBD products to the local market, ensuring accessibility and reliability for its customers.

At the core of ResolveCBD’s mission is the aim to provide effective, affordable, and natural relief options to customers. The company is committed to education and raising awareness about the benefits of CBD and the importance of using sustainable, organically-grown hemp.

Their values and dedication to customer satisfaction are demonstrated through providing accurate information and resources so that people can make informed decisions about their health and wellness.

resolveCBD places a strong emphasis on trust, striving to establish long-lasting relationships with its customers by offering high-quality, lab-tested products.

They also focus on education and providing essential information about CBD, so consumers feel confident in their choices.

With the goal of being accessible to individuals, ResolveCBD offers a variety of products, designed to cater to the different needs and preferences of their diverse customer base.

The list of products offered by ResolveCBD include:

  1. CBD Oil (Organic, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, No THC)
  2. CBD Gummies
  3. CBD Capsules
  4. Pet CBD Products

ResolveCBD Products

ResolveCBD strives to provide natural, plant-based relief with a range of high-quality products. ResolveCBD is a company that offers a variety of premium, yet affordable CBD products for customers across Canada. Their premium products are made with organic, full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), and are lab tested for quality assurance. The company offers a variety of products, including CBD oils, gummies, capsules, topicals, and pet products.

Dosage Guide

Important to use dosage guide provided by retailer/manufacturer for proper usage and dosage.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

ResolveCBD’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil offers a convenient method for consuming CBD. The CBD oil is a full spectrum, whole plant extract derived from locally grown hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC, making it non-psychoactive and safe for daily use. This multi-purpose product distinguishes itself from other offerings by being a popular method for generalized relief across a wide range of conditions such as chronic pain (e.g. arthritis), anxiety, poor sleep, inflammation or another specific purpose.

Organic MCT oil, organic peppermint oil*, and full spectrum hemp-derived CBD
*Peppermint Only

Dosages Available In:
500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 5000mg

Natural, Peppermint

CBD Gummies

resolveCBD Gummies are a convenient, chewable form of CBD. These gummies are made from locally grown, organic hemp and are designed for easy and accurate dosing without psychoactive effects, making them safe for daily use. Made with high-quality ingredients that may help with sleep issues, anxiety, pain, or inflammation.

Distilled Water, Artificial Flavoring, Gelatin, Corn Syrup, Organic Honey, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Lecithin, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, Potassium Sorbate

Dosages Available In:
100mg (20mg each gummy)

1 Pack contains 5 Pieces

CBD Capsules

resolveCBD Capsules provide a precise and convenient method for ingesting CBD. These capsules are an ideal choice for those who prefer not to taste the CBD oil or desire a straightforward consumption method without using tinctures. Made from full-spectrum, the capsules are designed to potentially offer natural relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation, and other conditions. They contain the same high-quality CBD oil as resolveCBD’s other products but in a pre-measured, easy-to-consume form, mixed with coconut oil for better absorption.

Advantages of CBD capsules include their convenience, tastelessness, and slower metabolism, leading to longer-lasting effects compared to sublingual tinctures. However, their fixed dosage limits customization, and they are not as targeted for pain relief as topical CBD products.

Full spectrum CBD, organic coconut oil

Dosages Available In:

CBD Cream

resolveCBD Pain Cream is designed as a natural solution for relieving pain and inflammation, suitable for direct application to affected areas. This cream offers localized pain relief with anti-inflammatory and pain-modulating properties and may be beneficial for a range of conditions including arthritis pain, back pain, muscle pain, as well as skin disorders like rashes, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It incorporates moisturizing ingredients and a proprietary blend of essential oils for soothing relief.

Distilled Water, Jojoba Oil, Polawax, Organic Shea Butter, Glycerin, Dimethicone 350, Calendula Liquid Extract, DL-Panthenol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Phenonip, Allantoin, Full Spectrum Hemp-Extracted CBD (cannabidiol), Menthol, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang

Dosages Available In:
500mg, 1000mg

CBD Skincare Face Serum

resolveCBD’s CBD Face Serum is crafted to rejuvenate dry, dull, and tired skin, utilizing a unique formula specifically designed for facial care. This serum combines the potent effects of CBD, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C to offer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hydrating, brightening, healing, and protective benefits. With only seven simple ingredients, it aims to provide significant relief and nourishment to the pores, enhancing the skin’s natural radiance and health. Suitable for all skin types, the serum should be applied after cleansing. It absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue, making it perfect for daily skincare routines.

Distilled Water, Polysorbate 20, 3% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Hemp CBD Isolate, Glycerin, 1% Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol

Dosages Available In:

CBD:CBN Sleep Aid


Organic MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp-Extracted CBD (Cannabidiol), Hemp-Extracted CBN (Cannabinol), Vanilla Flavouring Oil, Blueberry Soy Flavouring Oil, Linalool, Beta-Caryophyllene

Dosages Available In:
600mg CBD + 300mg CBN 

Blueberry Vanilla

CBD Dog Treats

resolveCBD’s CBD Dog Treats are designed to offer a convenient and enjoyable way for your dogs (or cats) to benefit from CBD. Formulated with natural, pet-grade ingredients and THC-free broad spectrum or isolate CBD extracts, these treats are easy for pets to consume and are aimed at addressing various ailments and discomforts similar to those experienced by humans, such as separation anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and more.

Beef Liver: hemp-extracted CBD (cannabidiol), MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil

Dosages Available In:

Beef Liver

CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

resolveCBD has developed a CBD oil specifically tailored for dogs and cats, incorporating natural, pet-grade organic ingredients with broad-spectrum hemp extract. This formulation ensures pets can easily consume the CBD oil with their favorite food or treats without any psychoactive effects, as it contains zero to trace amounts of THC. The product is designed to address various ailments that pets face, such as separation anxiety, arthritis, and joint pain, potentially offering a healthier and fuller life for your furry friends.

Salmon: Broad spectrum CBD extracted from Canadian-grown hemp, Organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, Organic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, Wild Alaskan salmon oil
Bacon: Broad spectrum CBD extracted from Canadian-grown hemp, Organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, Organic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, Natural bacon flavouring
Natural: Organic MCT oil and broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD

Dosages Available In:
200mg, 600mg, 1000mg 

Bacon, Salmon, Natural

Product Quality

ResolveCBD sources its hemp locally, ensuring that the plants used for their CBD products are of the highest quality. The hemp is organically grown, and the cannabinoids are extracted to produce broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD—rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These extraction methods allow for the retention of these beneficial compounds without the psychoactive effects of THC, as the THC content remains below 0.3 per cent, complying with regulations.

Lab Testing

To ensure purity and potency, ResolveCBD utilizes third-party labs to test their products thoroughly. Each item comes with a Certificate of Analysis that confirms the product’s safety, cannabinoid profile, and absence of harmful contaminants. This level of transparency builds trust and assures consumers of the high-quality standards the company upholds.

Our Review

We had the chance to evaluate ResolveCBD’s range of CBD oils, and we’re quite impressed with their cbd oils. The Full Spectrum CBD Oil from ResolveCBD stands out for its quality and efficacy. Each 30ml bottle is lightly peppermint flavoured, which we found to be a pleasant and refreshing taste compared to the often earthy flavor of other CBD oils on the market.

One of the aspects we appreciate about ResolveCBD’s product is that it’s an organic full-spectrum CBD oil, meaning it contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenes beyond just CBD. This aligns with the entourage effect theory, which suggests that taking CBD and these other components together can enhance the overall benefits.

We found that the oil, particularly the Extra Strength formulation containing 1000mg of CBD, was effective in managing symptoms like anxiety, inflammation, and minor aches and pains. The results were noticeable, and for some of us, they were almost immediate, which is a testament to the oil’s quality and potency.

Moreover, the company’s commitment to accessibility is clear with their subscription service, which can help users save on costs and ensure a consistent supply of the product. This is a thoughtful touch that shows ResolveCBD’s dedication to their customers’ wellness journey.

In conclusion, our experience with ResolveCBD’s CBD oils has been very positive. The quality, taste, and effectiveness of their full-spectrum oil make it a product we confidently recommend. Whether for someone new to CBD or a seasoned user, ResolveCBD’s oils are worth considering for those seeking natural relief from various ailments.

Online Customer Reviews

Feedback from users reflects a strong approval of resolveCBD’s product lineup, emphasizing the natural and premium-grade ingredients that go into their offerings. Consumers have shared their positive experiences, noting the tangible benefits of using resolveCBD’s products in their health routines. These testimonials underscore resolveCBD’s dedication to providing high-quality CBD solutions that effectively enhance users’ well-being.


In summary, ResolveCBD’s efforts to blend education, compassion, and value offer a compelling choice for Canadians interested in integrating CBD into their health and wellness routines. Their approach to product quality, customer education, and community support reflects a brand ethos centered around well-being and informed choices.


CBD Products are legal in Canada under the Cannabis Act. You must be at least 19 (18+ in Alberta and Quebec) years of age to purchase CBD products.


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